Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 18: Monday Morning Oatmeal On the Go

Here comes another one of those Monday posts. Today's breakfast on the go is oatmeal. I'm sure you know how to make oatmeal already, but what's different here is that you take your oatmeal with you.

Here's how. The best way I have found to take oatmeal with me is by repurposing an old jar. The best size of jar is that of a salsa container, which, I unfortunately did not have this morning and had to make due with some mystery jar that was a bit too tall. I like the salsa jars because they are short and wide, which makes it easier to eat the oatmeal out of.

I usually put all the ingredients in the jar (including the soy milk), put the lid on and throw it in my bag. Then, when I get to my destination I microwave the oatmeal for about a minute and am ready to eat!

I don't really think there's much reason for recipes for single serve oatmeal, it's more for personal preference so I'll just tell you what was in mine.

Quick oats (1/3 cup is usually enough for me)
Sweetened dried cranberries
Slivered almonds
Shredded coconut
Brown sugar
Almond milk

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