Friday, August 30, 2013

Vegan MoFo 2013

You may not have heard of it before, but this September is Vegan MoFo, or more politely, Vegan Month of Food. I've signed myself up for it. What is it? It's a month where food bloggers attempt to blog about vegan food every single day for the entire month. 

My blog has been dead for essentially a year now (murdered by grad school), but since I've been wanting to get it up and going again, Vegan MoFo seemed to be a good way to get started, and also good timing as well!

Or at least I thought it was good timing, initially. In the past Vegan MoFo has always been in October, which worked out well for me since I'm hoping to finish all my grad school work by October 4. I thought I'd have a month to celebrate being officially finished and have something to occupy my unemployment (funemployment!) time. Also I thought it would be convenient because I could talk about pumpkins everyday and that would be completely acceptable. I was stoked. 

And then I read the fine print: Vegan MoFo will take place in September this year. Largely because they're tired of pumpkins. Next year Vegan MoFo will take place in August. The year after that will be in July. Every year from here on out Vegan MoFo will occur one month earlier, that way the vegan-internet-take-over will have more variety. So that leaves me with a very full month of trying to finish grad school, start a new internship, go to job interviews, and blog about vegan food every single day. I have even been hard at work on several pages for people to learn about things other than food in preparation for October. Not going to happen by September. 

Bear with me because I am flying by the seat of my pants. Other bloggers have nice themes that they're working with. One really cute blog I saw is doing 30 days of German desserts which looks amazing! But, I have almost no plan. So my blogging is going to be more about everyday eats. I hope that is okay. 

So. Here is my general plan as it stands now, with the exception of Labor Day, which will not fall under the category of "Monday Mayhem."

Monday Mayhem: Breakfasts that you can eat on the subway.

Who's Day Tuesday: Guest posts from veggie friends.

Weeknight Wednesday: Relatively fast dinners for the weeknight.

Thirsty Thursday: A bourbon recipe because you are. Oh. So. Close. To. Friday. 

Finger Food Friday: Food that requires your fingers.

Adventurous Saturday: The role of vegan food in weekend adventures. Potential adventures include backpacking, apple picking, and attending a cranberry harvest festival on Cape Cod and a jazz festival in Boston. P.S. if anyone can come up with a better Saturday name I will love you. 

Sleepy Sunday: Brunch. 

I think it will be fun, but I might sleep through October. So I hope you stop by to see what's new! We're just one day away! 


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